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Chapter 10, Part 5.3

Chapter 10, Part 5.3


Yoshi's Nuzlocke Challenge : HeartGold Edition

This is my first Nuzlocke ever so let's see how this goes :I RULES: -If a pokemon faints it dies -I can only catch the first pokemon in each new route - DUPES CLAUSE ON: I cannot catch a duplicate of a pokemon. I get three chances to encounter a non-dupe, after that the route is a non-catch route. this does not exclude evolutions: if I catch a tentacruel on one route and a tentacool on the next, I must count tentacool as the catch. -however, if one of my pokemon dies, I am allowed to catch a duplicate of that one. -I must nickname every pokemon I catch -If I white out, it's game over -no catching legendaries


Quick notice!

Alright, so I have decided to make each page about twice as long as they are right now, and because of this, there will be a longer wait between updates. But the main thing I need to announce is that I'm moving the release date of Part 9.1 from December 15th to December 23rd-26nd (I'll have it done sometime between then, hopefully)

Thank you for staying with me and reading this comic! I'm hoping things will go great with larger pages!

Posted by KH-wolf @ December 10th, 2012, 1:06 am
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